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The Blue Robed Order

Upeksa (English: Equanimity | Pali: Upekkhā | Sanskrit: Upekṣā | Sinhala: උපේක්ෂා) is one of the most important aspects of spiritual development. It is one of the Four Sublime Attitudes (Satara Brahma Viharana) which are purifying mental states capable of counteracting the harm and ignorance.

To practice upeksa is to be unwavering or to stay neutral in the face of the eight vicissitudes of life—which are otherwise known as the eight worldly winds or eight worldly conditions: loss and gain, good-repute and ill-repute, praise and censure, and sorrow and happiness.

In the oral traditions of Buddhist lore, sometimes called the 'Whispered Liniage', there exists a tale woven with threads of once secrecy and enlightenment—a narrative that whispers of the Upeksa Order. Envisioned under the watchful gaze of the revered monk Bodhidharma, this order of blue robed monks is guided by the sacred teachings of ChaDao, Shaolin, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Never for personal enlightenment or gain but to become the custodians of peace amidst the variegated landscape of Buddhist traditions and cultures. For centuries, the Upeksa Order has stood as a beacon of harmony, weaving the intricate tapestry of interfaith understanding and cooperation.

At the heart of our teachings lies the profound concept of equanimity—a serene balance amidst the ebb and flow of existence. Rooted in the wisdom of Bodhidharma, this principle serves as the guiding star for disciples, leading them towards inner tranquility and outer concord.

Our core teachings are of the Kalachakra. This sacred wheel of time and transformation serves as both a map to enlightenment and a symbol of hope. Through its intricate layers of symbolism and wisdom, disciples delve into the cosmic dance of creation and dissolution, unlocking the secrets of the universe itself.

The legacy of the teachings of the Upeksa Order extends beyond the realms of spirituality—it reaches into the very fabric of science and understanding. We engage wholeheartedly in science and discovery of as a way of furthering our understanding of the world we currentlt inhabit.

In a world marred by division and discord, the Upeksa Order stands as a transformative power of compassion and wisdom. We hope our teachings offer not only solace but also a roadmap towards positive well-being and universal harmony.

The Upekså order today is pending registered charity status in the UK and serves as an administration office for the thousands of Tea Masters, ChaDao Practioners, GongFu Teachers, Shaolin Teachers, and Buddhist Sangha: our ordained community of monastic and non-monastic masters, Lamas, Monks and Nuns across the world.

We maintain a presence at our Spirtual linage monastery of Rongbuk, Tibet, we also maintain a shrine to the purpose of “Chaithya”  to enshrine the sacred relics of Lord Buddha & Noble Sangha who attained the supreme bliss of “Nirvana”.  We are responsible for the preservation of over 200 “Chaithya” in the forms of Stupa, Seya & Dagaba and we are currently building a new one in southern india, Right next to a hundreds of years old sacred Maha Nuga Tree near Andarawewa, Sooriyawewa. 

ChaDao for young people

Tea Ceremonies in the 21st Century

A few photos of our work aross the world with youth organisations on inter-faith peace and understanding mindfulness through gongfu-cha; The Tea Ceremony.

The Sooriyawewa Projct

Honouring our past to preserve the dhama for the next generation.

A Chaithya in the form of Stupa, Seya & Dagaba and we are currently building a new one in southern india, Right next to a hundreds of years old sacred Maha Nuga Tree near Andarawewa, Sooriyawewa. 

Our work across the world

The Orchard Project

Our initiative to fund a new Buddhist monastery which  seeks to provide a nurturing environment where individuals from diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds can come together to learn, share, and collaborate on promoting peace and understanding. Offering a beacon of hope for a more peaceful and inclusive society.

Stupa preservation

Our Efforts to preserve historic Buddhist stupas in India to safeguarding cultural heritage and spiritual significance. Through meticulous maintenance and restoration projects, these ancient structures retain their architectural splendor and serve as vital pilgrimage sites for devotees worldwide.

Sustainable Development Goals

All our work engages with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Alongside being co-developers of the goals we encourage the progression of all humainty to a better future through these global goals.

World Buddhist Scout Council

We have welcomed an active involvement with World-Scouting and the World Buddhist Scout Council through volunteering, consultation and financial support.

Dalai Lama centre  Peace+Education

We offer our teachers, volunteers and support to this wonderful international youth project for peace education.

InterFaith Council for Wales

We are honoured to be members of the InterFaith Council for Wales.


We regularly support the global centre for peace dialogue across the world.

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